Why Choose a Plate Frame Filter Press from Beckart Environmental?

Beckart Environmental is known for producing plate frame filter press equipment for municipal and industrial clients. We manufacture our filter presses in accordance with the highest quality standards at our state-of-the-art facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Our presses are built with heavy-duty components that ensure reliable long-term performance and an excellent return on your investment. Plus, they have numerous standard features that you may have to pay more for from other manufacturers, such as cold-draw steel side rails, all-welded hydraulic cylinders, an air blowdown drain system, and two-speed hydraulic pumps. In case you are unfamiliar with this equipment, filter presses work as follows:

  • Sludge is pumped into the filter press where it is dispersed into a series of gasketed plates.
  • The plates are pressed together so that water in the sludge will exit through the press’s discharge ports.
  • Dry cake is left in the filters, so it can be removed and sent for disposal.

Benefit from High-Level Performance

Municipal and industrial clients choose our plate filter press equipment because it performs exceptionally well. Our presses retain 35-50 percent solids in the filter cake, making disposal easy and cost-effective. The equipment is also extensively automated, so operators will only need to set up the press, remove dry cakes, and perform routine maintenance. We also offer the machines with a variety of plate sizes to ensure you can select an option that is perfectly sized for your flow. If you need expert assistance integrating the filter press into your facility, we can help with that as well. From providing a consultation about how you can benefit from using a filter press to installing it and training your staff on how to use it, we are a reliable source for all your wastewater treatment needs. To enhance your sludge dewatering capabilities with a plate frame filter press, contact Beckart Environmental today.