Beckart Environmental Stands Out from Other Polyaluminum Chloride Suppliers

In many wastewater treatment operations, coagulants are applied to aid in the clarification process. An example of these chemicals is polyaluminum chloride, a substance that can be added to wastewater to break the emulsion and to coagulate the solids for easier removal. When you look to purchase polyaluminum chloride, you want to obtain it from a supplier with the expertise and product selection required to pair you with the right chemical solution for your needs. That’s why so many businesses turn to Beckart Environmental over the other polyaluminum chloride suppliers.

A Trusted Chemical Supplier

Founded in 1978, Beckart Environmental has long been regarded as the preferred treatment chemical formulator for many businesses around the globe. These customers appreciate knowing that they can rely on us for any treatment solutions they require, including:

Treatment Chemicals

Compared to many polyaluminum chloride suppliers, we have a greater capability to provide any treatment chemicals you require. We offer a diverse selection of commodity chemicals and can formulate custom blends through our in-house laboratory. Our selection includes coagulants, flocculants, acids, alkalis, sludge conditioners, and more.

Chemical Treatment Equipment

Our selection includes nearly every type of equipment you could want for your treatment operations. From mixing tanks to chemical feed devices and human-machine interface (HMI) systems, we have a comprehensive selection of technology all built with well-engineered components to ensure lasting performance.

Expert Support

Whether you’re highly experienced at administering chemical treatments or are just getting started, we can provide useful support services that will ensure you’re treating your wastewater in the most effective manner possible. We can assist you with treatability studies, equipment installation, employee training, and other services.

Speak with Our Chemical Treatment Experts

To learn more about our treatment chemicals, wastewater equipment, and support services, contact Beckart Environmental today. We’re proud to be considered one of the premier polyaluminum chloride suppliers serving customers in locations around the world.