Primary Clarifier Tanks from Beckart Environmental

Beckart Environmental offers primary clarifier tanks for clients worldwide. Primary clarifiers accomplish an early step in the wastewater treatment process, reducing levels of biological oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS) to ease the burden on subsequent equipment in the wastewater treatment process. We offer many types of clarifiers, including:

  • Traditional clarifiers – In a sedimentation clarifier, suspended particles in the wastewater settle to the bottom of the tank. A flotation clarifier saturates the water with micro bubbles, which attach themselves to the precipitated solids and drive them to the surface of the clarifier, where they can be skimmed from the water’s surface.
  • Lamella clarifiers – By including slanted plates in the design, lamella-style sedimentation clarifiers increase the effective settling area within the tank. Solids collide with the plates and then fall to the bottom of the tank for collection.

Benefit from a Single-Source Solution

In addition to supplying your primary clarifier, we can also provide any other wastewater treatment equipment that you need. For instance, we can supply a secondary clarifier for removing flocs of biological matter that primary clarifiers will not address. And, with our coagulants and flocculants, you can increase the sedimentation or flotation rate within your primary clarifier, and our automated chemical feed systems will apply these chemicals with precision. Rather than relying on third-party vendors like some clarifier manufacturers, we’ll provide you with these products directly, keeping costs low to save you money.

To discuss how one of our primary water clarifier tanks can make your wastewater treatment facility more efficient, contact Beckart Environmental today. We proudly serve clients across a broad range of industries, including metal finishing, food processing, and phosphatizing.