Beckart Environmental’s “Number 1” Professional Carpet Cleaning Deodorizer

You may have heard about a new professional carpet cleaning deodorizer that’s taking the industry by storm. It’s the “Number 1” carpet cleaner, made by the odor-control experts at Beckart Environmental. Known as a trusted provider of chlorine-dioxide-based products, Beckart Environmental is proud to offer this innovative carpet cleaning solution, which does an excellent job of removing both stains and bothersome smells. People appreciate our “Number 1” carpet cleaner because it is:


When you begin using our “Number 1” cleaning solution, you’ll find that it works incredibly well in almost every imaginable application. You can use the cleaner to remove stains caused by food, pets, damp conditions, and other causes. The solution is effective in even the most challenging situations, such as cleaning high-traffic areas and heavily soiled carpets.


You and your customers are sure to appreciate how quickly our “Number 1” carpet cleaner works to eliminate stains. You simply need to apply the treatment, let it sit for 30 minutes, and then allow it to air dry to achieve the desired results. You can then promptly move on to your next project, and your customers can avoid having technicians working in their home for hours on end!

Easy to Use

Whether you’re doing spot cleaning in a home or are undertaking a large commercial project, our “Number 1” cleaner will require only minimal effort to apply. In many cases, you can remove stains by simply spraying the solution on them and flushing with tap water; however, you do have the option of using our “Number 1” cleaner in a carpet cleaning machine, if you want.

To learn more about our “Number 1” professional carpet cleaning deodorizer, contact Beckart Environmental today. One of our representatives can speak with you about the types of projects you perform and then help you determine how you can benefit from using our cleaning solution.