Dissatisfied with Other Professional Carpet Cleaning Products? Try Beckart Environmental’s “Number 1” Carpet Cleaner

Professional carpet cleaning companies throughout the industry are raving about Beckart Environmental’s “Number 1” carpet cleaner. They appreciate how the product works remarkably well on virtually any cleaning project they undertake. And, after customers have the carpets in their home or business cleaned with this solution, many of them report that it leaves their carpet looking better than it ever has before! It’s no wonder why so many industry professionals are choosing to use our “Number 1” solution over the other professional carpet cleaning products available today.

A Carpet Cleaning Solution that Outperforms the Rest

When you begin using Beckart Environmental’s “Number 1” carpet cleaner for your projects, you’ll find that it is:


The “Number 1” cleaner can eliminate stains caused by food, pets, foot traffic, and many other sources. You simply need to spray the stains directly and then let the carpet air dry for at least thirty minutes to achieve the desired results.


You can use the “Number 1” cleaner for spot cleaning or large commercial projects, whatever the situation requires. It works well on virtually all kinds of carpet and will even remove stains from particularly difficult-to-clean materials, such as the fringes on area rugs.

Great at Odor Removal

If a carpet is stained, it likely also has an unpleasant odor. Formulated using odor-destroying chlorine dioxide, this spray will eliminate bothersome smells directly at their source.

Begin Using the “Number 1” Solution

For a carpet cleaning solution that excels where many other professional carpet cleaning products fall short, contact Beckart Environmental today and place your first order. We look forward to speaking with you!