Reduce TSS in Your Wastewater with a Custom Treatment System from Beckart Environmental

The need to reduce total suspended solids (TSS) is common among industrial facilities and municipal plants that treat wastewater. TSS is a measure of the solids that are contained in wastewater, and TSS levels generally must be brought below a certain level before water can be discharged or reused.

At Beckart Environmental, we offer everything you need to efficiently reduce TSS at your facility, including:

  • A comprehensive selection of wastewater equipment, such as chemical feed systems, mixing tanks, clarification tanks, filter presses, and more. This equipment is built with long-lasting, heavy-duty parts and a strong emphasis on automation.
  • Many types of commodity chemicals, as well as customized blends that we can create for your specific needs in our laboratory. These include coagulants, flocculants, acids, alkalis, and clay products, which we offer in tote, drum, and bulk quantities to suit the size of your operation.
  • A wide range of support services that can ensure the purchase, installation, and ongoing operation of your system goes smoothly. Treatability studies, equipment installations, employee training, and remote system monitoring are some of the many services that we offer.

Our Track Record of Success

A diverse assortment of industrial and municipal clients have relied on Beckart Environmental for solutions related to total suspended solids reduction since our founding in 1978. These include businesses in food processing, metalworking, flexographic printing, and corrugated-paper-products manufacturing. With each business, we have shown our ability to provide a custom system that suits their unique requirements, whether they need to reduce levels of TSS, FOG, heavy metals, or other contaminants.

To learn more about how you can reduce TSS in the wastewater at your facility, contact Beckart Environmental today.