Do You Need to Remove Metal from Wastewater? Turn to Beckart Environmental

Many businesses and municipalities must remove metal from wastewater before they can discharge the water or reuse it within their facility. Suspended or dissolved metals can cause serious problems when left in water, so there is good reason for having it removed. At Beckart Environmental, we are highly experienced at helping businesses address metals such as chromium, cadmium, lead, copper, mercury, nickel, and zinc. Since our founding in 1978, we have served businesses in fields such as metal finishing, machining, and metalworking, for which metal removal is a major concern.

Comprehensive Wastewater Solutions

Beckart Environmental can supply everything you need to remove the metal in your wastewater, including:

  • Equipment – We offer many different types of equipment that can be used to remove metal, including water washers and dissolved air flotation equipment. This technology is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and will be provided to you directly to save you money.
  • Chemicals – Our selection includes a wide variety of wastewater treatment chemicals, including clay-based products and flocculants that are specially designed for metal removal. We offer these chemicals in bulk, tote, and drum sizes.
  • Support services – No matter what type of assistance you want with your metal wastewater system, our team can help ensure that you are treating your wastewater in the most efficient manner possible. Treatability studies, permitting assistance, system installation, employee training, and remote system monitoring are some of the many services we offer.

What’s more, you can count on Beckart Environmental for a metal wastewater treatment solution almost no matter where you are located. We have representatives on five continents and serve facilities around the globe.

For more information about how we can help you effectively remove metal from wastewater, contact Beckart Environmental today.