Remove Pet Odor from Carpet Using Beckart Environmental’s “Number 1” Carpet Cleaner

It can be extremely difficult to remove pet odor from carpet. Although there are a variety of products available to address this problem, many of these cleaners simply mask smells without ever truly getting rid of them. Professional carpet cleaners who have struggled with this problem in the past are ecstatic when they discover Beckart Environmental’s “Number 1” carpet cleaner. Formulated with odor-destroying chlorine dioxide, this cleaner removes bothersome pet smells at their source so that they are gone once and for all.

How to Use Our “Number 1” Carpet Cleaner

This product is extremely easy to use. Follow these few pieces of advice to ensure the best results:

  • Add the powdered chemical to water in a spray bottle and apply the solution directly to the source of the odor. If the smell is emanating from the padding beneath the carpet, make sure to sufficiently saturate the carpet so that the solution seeps down into the padding.
  • In most cases, you’ll get the desired results after simply spraying the source of the odor and allowing the carpet to dry. You do have the option of using a carpet cleaning machine if you think that you’ll need it to remove any extra-tough stains. Just make sure to let the spray settle into the carpet for at least 30 minutes before going over it with the machine.
  • Always test the solution on a small section of carpet before using it widely, to confirm that it won’t discolor the carpet in any way.

If you need to remove pet odor from carpet, you’d be hard pressed to find a better solution than Beckart Environmental’s “Number 1” carpet cleaner. Contact us today for more information on this product and to place your first order.