Remove a Smoke Smell Using Beckart Environmental’s Chlorine Dioxide Efficiency System

If you’re looking to remove a smoke smell from a home, automobile, boat, hotel room, or other type of enclosed space, Beckart Environmental can supply you with the products you need to make the project a success. In the years since our founding in 1978, we’ve established ourselves as a premier provider of products that use chlorine dioxide to eliminate odors. Now, our chlorine dioxide efficiency system makes it easier than ever to remove a smoke smell, as well as unpleasant scents caused by pets, damp conditions, septic systems, or other sources.

Unlike odor removal products that simply mask smells, our chlorine dioxide system eliminates smells at their source, when dispersed as vapor, chlorine dioxide oxidizes microorganisms and produces a cleaner odor.

Enjoy the Convenience of an All-in-One Solution

Beckart Environmental’s chlorine dioxide efficiency system includes everything you need to quickly and efficiently remove odors, including:

  • A container that can be used for combining chlorine dioxide with water
  • An aerator that will take in the liquid chlorine dioxide solution and disperse it as odor-removing vapor
  • Two hoses for transferring the liquid chlorine dioxide solution to the aerator

How to Use Our Chlorine Dioxide Efficiency System

After you turn on the aerator, you will simply need to leave the enclosed space and allow the vapor to disperse. Depending on the size of the space and the amount of chlorine dioxide that you will be using, the vapor can be fully dispersed in as little as 50 minutes. As time goes on the smell of the chlorine dioxide will go away along with the smoke smell.

Our Other ClO2 Products

In addition to odor eliminator systems that emit chlorine dioxide gas, Beckart also supplies ClO2 products for other applications. This includes tablets that can be used to create chlorine dioxide solutions for eliminating odors. Our chlorine dioxide tablets are ideal for a variety of smaller applications, dissolving in about one minute and reaching full strength at five minutes. These tablets can produce a range of concentrations, with a 4-gram tablet able to produce one liter of a 500 mg/L concentration.

For larger applications, we offer Aqua Dry kits that can create chlorine dioxide solutions in higher volumes and greater concentrations with a reaction time of only 10 minutes, allowing them to replace generators in many applications.

Learn More About Our Odor Removal Systems

With representatives on five continents and distribution centers across the United States, Mexico, Chile, and the United Kingdom, Beckart Environmental serves customers around the world and can promptly provide you with the odor removal system you need, no matter where you’re located.

To learn more about how you can remove a smoke smell using our innovative chlorine dioxide efficiency system, contact Beckart Environmental today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about how you can use our odor-eliminating chlorine dioxide products for cigarette smoke removal or other smoke odor issues.