Reasons to Invest in a Sludge Centrifuge from Beckart Environmental

A sludge centrifuge from Beckart Environmental can greatly enhance your sludge dewatering capabilities. The equipment rotates sludge at a high speed, causing solids and water to separate so waste can easily be gathered and disposed of in a landfill. At Beckart Environmental, we offer decanter- and disc-style centrifuges that meet the highest standards of filtering and separating technology. They were developed for larger volume flows, having the ability to handle 5-150 gallons per minute, so you can use them in a wide variety of operations.

Here are some benefits of a sludge centrifuge from Beckart Environmental:

  • They are made of durable components that perform extraordinarily well over the long-term.
  • They interface seamlessly with many different types of wastewater treatment systems and plant processes, so you can utilize a sludge centrifuge without having to change your current approach to wastewater treatment.
  • They are highly energy efficient, minimizing the amount of electricity you will need to pay for each month.
  • They operate efficiently on an automated basis and will require only minimal human oversight, saving you money in labor costs.

Treatment Chemicals & Support Services

Aside from top-quality decanting centrifuge equipment, you can rely on Beckart Environmental for chemicals and support services. We offer a complete selection of commodity chemicals as well as proprietary chemical blends that can make your sludge dewatering processes more efficient. Additionally, our equipment installation and employee training services can help ensure that your centrifugal seperator is used correctly.

If you are interested in determining how a sludge centrifuge or our other sludge dewatering equipment can improve your wastewater treatment processes, contact Beckart Environmental today.