Choose Sludge Centrifuge Equipment from Beckart Environmental

If you are interested in learning how sludge centrifuge equipment can make your wastewater treatment processes more efficient, turn to Beckart Environmental. We are a trusted wastewater treatment supply company that has served a wide array of municipal and industrial clients since our founding in 1978. We can help you assess your needs and then recommend sludge centrifuge equipment accordingly.

Sludge centrifuges are the dewatering machines of choice in many municipal plants and industrial worksites. Wastewater centrifuge equipment works by using rotational force to separate solids from water, so you can easily gather dry sludge and send it for disposal.

Sludge Centrifuges that Outperform the Industry Norm

At Beckart Environmental, we offer some of the most efficient sludge centrifuge equipment available. The benefits of our centrifuges include:

  • Reliable performance thanks to durable components
  • Easy integration into existing plant processes and other Beckart treatment systems
  • The flexibility of being able to handle 5-150 gallons per minute
  • Energy efficiency that can help control operating costs
  • Minimal operator attention required

Because we are committed to meeting all of your wastewater treatment needs, we also offer many other types of wastewater treatment equipment. Our selection includes mixing tanks, air flotation tanks, chemical feed systems, filter presses, and more. You can also rely on us for commodity chemicals, as well as our proprietary blends and customized products. If you need expert support before or after you make your purchase, you can turn to us for permitting assistance, set-up support, training, or equipment maintenance.

To find the ideal sludge centrifuge equipment for your facility, contact the dedicated professionals at Beckart Environmental today.