What Makes a Sludge Decanter Ideal for Your Industrial Worksite or Municipal Plant?

If you are researching sludge decanter equipment, look to Beckart Environmental. We are a full-service supplier of wastewater treatment equipment that has proudly served a diverse range of industrial and municipal clients since our founding in 1978. Known for offering the finest sludge dewatering technology, we can provide you with a decanter that is built with heavy-duty components to ensure reliable performance through the years.

In case you are unfamiliar with this equipment, a sludge decanter works as follows:

  • Sludge enters the decanter through a feed inlet.
  • The sludge is rotated at a high speed.
  • Liquid exits one end of the centrifuge and solids exit the other.
  • The dry sludge can be taken to a landfill for cost-effective disposal.

In all respects, our dewatering centrifuge equipment represents the height of filtering and separating technology. Because it can effectively handle 5 to 150 gallons per minute, you can use it to handle large volume flows. It is also energy efficient and requires little operator intervention, so you can save money in electric and labor costs. Furthermore, its widespread compatibility with other equipment will let you upgrade your sludge dewatering capabilities without having to replace other aspects of your system.

Setup & Maintenance Assistance

If you require expert support either before or after you purchase a sludge decanter, we can help with that as well. From treatability studies to permitting assistance, system set-up, and equipment maintenance, Beckart Environmental can provide all of the support you need to ensure that your sludge dewatering centrifuge runs as efficiently as possible.

Contact Beckart Environmental today to find the sludge decanter and support services you require to treat wastewater and dewater sludge in a cost-effective fashion.