Effective Smoke Odor Removal for a Variety of Applications

Smoke odor removal is easier than ever with Beckart Environmental’s chlorine dioxide efficiency system. While smoke odors are known for being difficult to remove, chlorine dioxide gas can effectively eliminate these odors at their source. Beckart Environmental has long been a trusted provider of chlorine dioxide supplies that simplify the process of using ClO2 for smoke odor removal, and our efficiency system speeds up and intensifies the odor removal process.

Using our chlorine dioxide efficiency system is easy. You will simply need to pour water into the container that we provide, drop chlorine dioxide tablets into the water, place the aerator hose into the chlorine dioxide solution, and turn on the aerator. In as little as 50 minutes (depending on the amount of ClO2 being used), the chlorine dioxide will be fully dispersed.

Our chlorine dioxide efficiency system can be used to remove smoke odors from any of the following enclosed spaces:

  • Homes
  • Hotel rooms
  • Automobiles
  • Boats
  • RVs
  • Portable bathrooms

In addition to removing smoke odors, chlorine dioxide can eliminate many other odors as well. This includes odors caused by pets, septic systems, hydrogen sulfide, and wastewater. Therefore, our efficiency system can be used to eliminate many odors in a single space, if needed.

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If you want to remove bothersome smoke odors at their source, contact Beckart Environmental today. We provide smoke odor removal systems to clients with a wide range of needs. Businesses have relied on Beckart Environmental for top-quality products since our founding in 1978. We proudly serve clients around the world.