For Tannery Wastewater Treatment, Turn to Beckart Environmental

When it comes to tannery wastewater treatment, Beckart Environmental knows what works. We have served a wide variety of businesses in this field and are ready to put our knowledge to use by helping you treat your wastewater in an efficient fashion.

We can provide everything you need to efficiently treat wastewater at your tannery, including:

  • Equipment – We offer a comprehensive selection of treatment equipment, which includes clarification tanks, IAF/DAF tanks, chemical feed systems, filter presses, and more. We manufacture key components/equipment ourselves in accordance with the highest standards for quality, and will provide it to you directly, so you can obtain a top-quality tannery wastewater treatment system at a reduced price.
  • Chemicals – Whether you require coagulants, flocculants, acids, alkalis, or any other wastewater treatment chemicals, Beckart Environmental can meet your needs. We offer commodity chemicals as well as customized blends through our laboratory, in drum, tote, and bulk quantities.
  • Support services – No matter what type of assistance you need before or after you set up your system, you can rely on Beckart Environmental to complete the work with precision. We perform treatability studies, system installation, team training, and remote system monitoring.

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To receive whatever assistance you need to get an efficient tannery wastewater treatment system up and running, contact Beckart Environmental today. We would be happy to discuss your situation and recommend a solution accordingly.

Founded in 1978, Beckart Environment has a long history of providing quality water treatment supplies. We have representatives on five continents and proudly serve clients around the world.