Wastewater Treatment System Products for the Cement Industry from Manufacturer Beckart Environmental

A cement plant wastewater treatment system needs to be highly effective in order to remove the miniscule particulate that remains after cement production. This becomes even more important when a closed system – the industry standard – is in place and the waste water is reused repeatedly. Beckart Environmental has worked with cement manufacturers for many years, so we understand these challenges, and we’ve built systems that can handle them. Our systems can filter solids from water to below 1 micron. Additionally, our components, like filter presses and clarifiers, are built to last from high-grade industrial materials that can stand up to the harshest conditions.  We’ll mix and match these components to create a system that not only provides you with optimum wastewater treatment, but also works seamlessly with your existing equipment.

The benefits of a Beckart closed loop, or zero discharge wastewater treatment system, for your cement plant include:

  • A reduction of water usage
  • Automation opportunities
  • Expandable filter presses that grow as your demand does
  • Flow rates of 10 GPM to 200 GPM
  • Eliminate wastewater discharge compliance issues

We’ll visit your facility, design a system perfect for the demands of your cement plant, and teach your employees how to use it. We can even support the system   to ensure that it runs properly and efficiently for years to come.

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