Why Choose a Wastewater Centrifuge for Your Industrial Facility or Municipal Plant?

A wastewater centrifuge from Beckart Environmental can provide the perfect solution for your sludge dewatering needs. The centrifuge can remove the water content from sludge by rotating it at a high speed, so you can dispose of the sludge in a cost-efficient manner. After the centrifuge has completed its process, you will simply need to collect the dry sludge and send it to a landfill.

At Beckart Environmental, we offer some of the finest sludge dewatering equipment available. The benefits of our centrifuges include:

  • Extensive capacity – Our wastewater centrifuges can handle 5 to 150 gallons per minute, so you can use them in facilities that have a large volume flow.
  • Minimal operator requirements – Your new centrifuge will require only limited operator intervention, saving you money in labor costs.
  • Low maintenance – Known for offering equipment that lasts, we will provide you with a wastewater centrifuge that you can rely on through the years. And, if your sludge centrifuge equipment ever does require maintenance, we can provide on-going support through our network of regionally located service professionals.

Other Wastewater Solutions

In addition to a wastewater centrifuge, we can provide any other wastewater treatment equipment you require. From lamella clarifiers to reverse osmosis filters, induced air flotation tanks, and automated chemical feed systems, we offer it all.

To make your wastewater treatment processes more efficient with a wastewater disc centrifuge or any other advanced equipment, contact Beckart Environmental today. We are a full-service supplier of wastewater treatment equipment that serves clients worldwide.