Why Choose a Wastewater Clarifier from Beckart Environmental?

A wastewater clarifier is a key piece of equipment for many industrial businesses and municipal water treatment plants. It is a tank that is used to separate solids from water. Particles will fall to the bottom of the tank, where they can be removed, and water will exit through an outlet toward the top of the tank.

If you need a wastewater clarifier for your facility, turn to Beckart Environmental. We manufacture our clarifiers in-house to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. Proper sand blasting and epoxy coatings help our clarifiers last through the years, and their dishbottom (or hopper bottom) design simplifies the process of evacuating and cleaning the tank.

Lamella Clarifiers

In addition to providing traditional clarifiers, we offer lamella clarifiers as well. The benefits of a lamella clarifier include:

  • Increased settling area – Slanted plates inside lamella clarifiers increase the effective settling area within the tank, promoting greater sedimentation.
  • Consistent compliance – Because our lamella clarifiers operate with a high level of efficiency, you can rest easy knowing that you can consistently meet compliance standards for discharge quality.
  • Smaller footprint – Especially if you have a small facility, you will appreciate how your lamella clarifier takes up less space than a traditional wastewater clarifier.

To determine which type of primary wastewater clarifier or secondary clarifier will work best for your industrial wastewater treatment systems, contact Beckart Environmental today. We will gladly discuss your needs and recommend equipment accordingly. We are proud to provide water treatment supplies to a diverse variety of clients around the world.