Add a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Wastewater Control Panel to Your Treatment System

When running a wastewater treatment system, knowledge is key. To ensure that your system is operating in an efficient manner, you need access to a wide range of information concerning volume flow, chemical usage, pH levels, and more. With a human-machine interface (HMI) wastewater control panel from Beckart Environmental, you can view all of this information on a high-resolution, wide-screen display. The touchscreen panel will provide a clear overview of how the entire system is functioning, with automated reporting and record-keeping capabilities to save you time and ensure efficiency.

Useful System Features

Developed, programmed, and supported by the same Beckart Environmental technicians who designed our popular programmable logic controllers (PLCs), our HMI wastewater control panel technology meets the high standards that companies have come to expect from the Beckart Environmental team. Notable functionalities of these systems include:

  • Built-in data logging that permits convenient transfers to external storage or network locations
  • Remote monitoring from any computer inside or outside your facility with a network connection
  • Backwards compatibility with older PLCs to avoid having to replace existing equipment
  • Report creation that can save file as PDFs or send them to a network printer

If you’re interested in adding a wastewater control panel to your treatment system, contact Beckart Environmental today. We’ll have one of our representatives walk you through your options and help you determine what type of HMI panel would be the best fit for your needs.