How Can a Wastewater Disc Centrifuge Improve Your Sludge Dewatering Capabilities?

A wastewater disc centrifuge from Beckart Environmental can help you dewater sludge in an efficient manner at your industrial worksite or municipal water treatment plant. Disc centrifuges work by rotating sludge at a high speed, causing solids and water to separate. Because our centrifuges can handle 5-150 gallons per minute, they are capable of processing large flows and can be used in a wide range of applications. Like with all of our wastewater treatment equipment, we can tailor your centrifuge to your specific needs.

There are many benefits to choosing a wastewater disc centrifuge from Beckart Environmental, including:

  • Longevity – Made of heavy-duty components, our centrifuges last through the years.
  • Compatibility – Our centrifuges are designed to interface easily with other equipment, so you can upgrade your sludge dewatering capabilities without having to replace your existing system.
  • Energy efficiency – By using a minimal amount of energy, our wastewater centrifuge equipment can help keep your electric bills under control.
  • Automation – Your industrial centrifuge will require little operator intervention, reducing the labor costs associated with dewatering sludge.

Other Equipment, Chemicals & Services

As a full-service supplier, Beckart Environmental can also provide anything else you need to treat wastewater or dewater sludge. We offer a comprehensive selection of wastewater treatment equipment and chemicals. We can also provide support services ranging from treatability studies to training, equipment installation, and remote system monitoring.

To learn more about our wastewater disc centrifuge equipment or any of our other products and services, contact Beckart Environmental today. Since 1978, we have assisted a wide range of industrial and municipal clients. With representatives on five continents, we serve facilities around the globe.