Wastewater HMI Systems from Beckart Environmental

Beckart Environmental offers innovative wastewater human machine interface (HMI) systems for monitoring treatment systems. These HMI interfaces were developed by the same Beckart technicians behind our popular programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which make chemical and engineering decisions for optimizing treatment. Our HMI systems include a graphical panel for viewing all aspects of a treatment system, including chemical usage, system history, pH, tank levels, and alarms. This information is displayed on a high-resolution, widescreen display with touchpad operation that makes monitoring the system easy.

Other benefits of Beckart Environmental’s wastewater HMI systems include:

  • Remote monitoring – Users can view this system remotely from anywhere by remotely connecting a computer to the system through a network. This way, users can review how the system is functioning from outside the facility when needed.
  • Backwards compatibility – Our systems can connect with older wastewater programmable logic controller systems, enabling users to reap the benefits of integration without needing to upgrade existing systems.
  • Automated reporting and recordkeeping – The system will keep records and generate reports as instructed, and give you the option to save reports as PDFs or send them to a network printer.
  • Notifications of system events – A built-in SMTP client allows our interfaces to send emails, text alerts, and other notifications when certain events occur within the treatment system, keeping users updated in real time about important changes.

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