Wastewater Human Machine Interface Systems from Beckart Environmental

Beckart Environmental’s wastewater human machine interface (HMI) systems allow for easy viewing of treatment system information on a graphical panel with touchscreen operation. These interfaces display data related to chemical usage, system history, pH, tank levels, and alarms, allowing for quick and clear understanding of system function. Users can also view system drawings, procedures, and manuals directly on the interface as part of the on-board help system. We offer these interfaces with panels in 9”, 12”, 15”, and 19” sizes, so you can choose the display that’s most appropriate for your facility.

Designed by the same Beckart Environmental technicians who developed the company’s popular programmable logic controllers (PLCs), our human machine interfaces meet the highest standards for quality. They are equipped with a range of useful features that make monitoring treatment systems easier, including:

  • High-resolution, widescreen display for clear viewing of system information
  • Remote monitoring capabilities that allow system information to be viewed on offsite computers
  • Backwards compatibility with older PLCs, allowing for easy integration with existing systems for controlling chemical and engineering decisions
  • An overview function that allows for all system functions to be viewed on a single screen
  • A built-in SMTP client that can be programmed to send automated emails, text alerts, and other notifications when specified events occur
  • Ability to generate reports as PDFs or print them to network printers so they can be viewed outside of the HMI system

Speak with the Wastewater Experts

To determine how you would benefit from using a wastewater human machine interface system, contact Beckart Environmental today. Our team is ready to evaluate your treatment system and explain in detail how you could utilize one of our interfaces. We’re a full-service treatment systems manufacturer that has proudly served a diverse array of wastewater clients since the company’s founding in 1978.