Wastewater PLC Systems from Beckart Environmental

With a wastewater programmable logic controller (PLC) from Beckart Environmental, you will have an automated program making chemical and engineering decisions for your treatment system, ensuring that processes are completed in an efficient manner with minimal operator oversight required. Your user-friendly wastewater PLC will be tailored for your specific needs to provide the level of automation that you require.

For the best in system control, you can also choose to have a human machine interface (HMI) installed. These devices provide a graphical overview of your system function on a high-resolution screen that makes it easy to evaluate key data related to system performance. Our HMI systems boast a range of useful features, including:

  • Touchpad operation
  • Remote viewing from any computer with a network connection
  • Automated reporting and record-keeping
  • Data logs for chemical usage, pH levels, wastewater volume, alarms, and more
  • Backwards compatibility with older PLCs

How We Can Help You

At Beckart Environmental, we will gladly talk with you about your wastewater treatment needs to help you determine how you can expect to benefit from a wastewater PLC or HMI system. We can also install this equipment and train your staff on how to use it, reducing the learning curve associated with adopting the new system. Plus, we’re an excellent source for other treatment equipment, chemicals, or support services you require, so you can conveniently obtain everything you need from one trusted source.

For a wastewater PLC, HMI system, and much more, contact Beckart Environmental today.