A Wastewater Programmable Logic Controller Will Help You Operate Your Treatment System Efficiently

With a wastewater programmable logic controller from Beckart Environmental, you will have an automated system that makes engineering and chemical decisions for you to maximize efficiency and reduce the need for manual labor. We will customize your programmable logic controller for your specific needs, ensuring that it provides the degree of automation that you require. This system can perform functions such as administering the type and amount of chemicals that are needed at different stages in the treatment process. You will be able to control the system with ease using the special software that we will install and configure for you.

If you’re considering buying a programmable logic controller, you should also consider the benefits of a human-machine (HMI) interface. Our wastewater HMI systems let you view and control all system functions on a high-resolution monitor with touchscreen operation. Some notable features of our human-machine interface systems include:

  • Monitoring chemical usage, pH, tank levels, alarms, and other system information
  • Automated reporting and recordkeeping
  • Data transfers to external storage or network locations
  • Remote access from any computer with a network connection
  • Expert support from the same Beckart Environmental technicians who developed our programmable logic controllers
  • Backwards compatibility with older programmable logic controllers

Other Equipment

If you need other treatment equipment, you can rely on Beckart Environmental for that as well. We sell and install mixing tanks, clarifiers, dewatering systems, and much more. We can also supply you with a wide range of treatment chemicals in drum, tote, and bulk quantities. With chemical depots on five continents, we serve facilities around the globe.

For a wastewater programmable logic controller and any other treatment equipment you need, contact Beckart Environmental today. We will gladly talk with you about your wastewater treatment needs and explain how our systems can help.