The Benefits of Wastewater Recycling Systems from Beckart Environmental

Beckart Environmental offers custom wastewater recycling systems for business across a broad range of industries. By enabling facilities to reuse water rather than have to release it into a municipal sewage system or into the earth, we help businesses reduce their overall water consumption and save money. Our zero-discharge systems include many types of wastewater treatment equipment, including:

  • Reverse osmosis filters – These use pressure to force the water through a permeable membrane, separating suspended particles from liquid
  • Batch filter presses – These squeeze the liquid out of sludge, allowing you to dewater it in a cost-effective fashion and leaving a clear discharge that can be reused in many applications.

Experience True Turnkey Service

With Beckart, you’ll receive a wastewater recycling system that suits your specific needs. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive solution, handling everything from the initial planning, to installing the wastewater filtration system, teaching your team how to use it, and providing any support you need once the system is up and running. By automating as many processes as possible within your wastewater recycling system, we can also maximize the efficiency of the system while reducing the need for operator intervention. Because we design and build virtually all of our equipment ourselves, we can provide you with the system at a reduced cost.

Businesses worldwide rely on Beckart Environmental for their wastewater recycling needs. To discuss how you can benefit from reusing wastewater within your facility, contact Beckart Environmental today. Founded in 1978, we have exceptional expertise at helping clients recycle their wastewater as efficiently as possible.