Wastewater Reuse Systems for Stone Fabrication Facilities Across the Globe

Wastewater reuse is an inventive way to avoid costly non-compliance fees by simply not discharging any wastewater. In addition to eliminating the threat of these expensive fines, reduced or zero discharge systems can save even more money by drastically reducing the amount of water your facility requires for initial cutting, CNC processing and polishing. However, reuse systems need to be very well designed to assure solids in the recycled water is down to 1-2 micron to prevent fabrication equipment problems. Beckart Environmental is one of the world’s most experienced companies when it comes to wastewater reuse systems. In fact, nearly one-third of our onsite wastewater treatment systems are zero discharge, so you can trust that we know how to make them as effective as possible.

Some of the many features that make our wastewater reuse systems so effective include:

  • Our highly efficient Hy-Pack® filter presses which can reduce particulate better than traditional membranes
  • A high degree of automation so your staff can use them with minimal additional training
  • Experience to design the right components and accessories to get the job right the first time.
  • Modular designs that can easily expand with your business
  • And much more

Benefit from Dedicated Customer Service

The best feature of Beckart Environmental’s wastewater reuse systems is the dedicated customer service that comes with it. We help you assess your wastewater challenges, design a system that addresses them, install the wastewater treatment equipment, train your staff, and offer regular maintenance and repairs for all of our systems. With a global network of representatives, we can provide our quality services quickly – no matter where you are.

For more information on our wastewater reuse systems and other treatment products, contact us today. We’re proud to provide optimized chemistry and treatment systems to clients worldwide.