Wastewater Systems and Equipment – Batch Filter Presses, Biological Systems, Continuous Sedimentation, Zero Discharge, Induced/Dissolved Air Flotation, and More

With offices in Mexico, Chile, the UK, and several states across the US, Beckart Environmental is a leading manufacturer of industrial wastewater systems for a variety of industries including printing, food processing, cement, metal finishing, machining and more. We specialize in constructing customized treatment systems that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client’s industry and facility and that provide top quality at a competitive cost. Whether it’s a zero discharge system for a stone fabricator or dissolved air flotation and a filter press for a plastic recycling plant, we have the expertise and skill to provide specialized, effective wastewater treatment equipment and the ongoing support you need to keep it running at optimal performance.

Some of the wastewater systems we offer include:


Problems solved include:

With exceptionally fast turnaround times and dedicated personal support for each client, Beckart provides customer service that is simply unparalleled. We are committed to single-source responsibility, meaning we provide everything you need for your wastewater systems, including equipment commissioning, training, chemicals such as coagulants, polymers, and diatomaceous earth filter aids, and aftermarket service. Whatever your wastewater treatment system need or query, you can make a single phone call and be confident that it will be handled promptly and capably.

In-House Manufacturing

In addition to our customer service, Beckart Environmental also controls wastewater systems costs and quality for customers by manufacturing most large components, such as filter presses for sludge dewatering, in-house rather than outsourcing. This not only allows us to provide a high quality product at a lower cost, but it also allows us to offer clients a more complete solution and invaluable flexibility in the treatment of industrial wastewater. Because of this level of service and the quality of our equipment, the value of our wastewater systems stands unrivaled in the industry.

We even offer products for smaller facilities with sterilization and odor control needs, including our innovative chlorine dioxide pouch and Air Relief.

For more information on wastewater systems from Beckart Environmental, or to speak with a representative about your particular situation, contact us today. We have representatives worldwide to help you discover our industrial water treatment solutions.