AirRelief3001 Extended Release Deodorizer

AirRelief3001Ideal for the continuous treatment of airborne odors, AirRelief3001 is an extended release innovation that combines the powerful properties of chlorine dioxide with a unique canister design.

This product is designed to oxidize smoke, pet, and other odors at the source. By simply adding about 4 fl. oz. (120 ml) of room temperature water to the contents of the packet inside the canister and allowing 5 minutes of reaction time, an adjustable, vented cap allows the canister to emit as much vapor as necessary to deodorize the environment. The gel-like substance created by this combination is designed to remain effective for up to 30 days.

AirRelief3001 rounds out a complete family of chlorine dioxide products offered by Beckart Environmental, including tablets for the creation of chlorine dioxide liquid or gas when mixed with water, our kit products that allow for generating larger quantities of chlorine dioxide without a generator.


Adjustable air vents on the cap of the product allow the AirRelief3001
canister to emit an odor-oxidizing vapor on an as-needed basis.