Aqua-Tab® Chlorine Dioxide Tablets for Convenient Odor Elimination

aqua-tabBeckart’s innovative Aqua-Tab chlorine dioxide tablets are well-suited for a variety of smaller applications.

Long known as an efficient means of eliminating odor, chlorine dioxide is a preferred method of oxidation, BOD/COD reduction, and treating water for reuse.

Aqua-Tab tablets dissolve in water after about one minute, and are at full strength after about five minutes reaction time. The solution will then remain stable for several weeks with proper storage.

Aqua-Tabs are available in a range of sizes and concentrations (e.g., a 4G Tab will produce 500 mg/l of ClO2 in a one liter bottle) to offer users a simple method of producing chlorine dioxide solutions that are optimal for specific applications, such as preparation in a sprayer for surface application, storage in a bottle or jar for periodic use as an oxidizer, or as an addition to a fixed-volume recirculating tank that will then maintain on-going odor resistance.


Chlorine dioxide is widely regarded as an effective odor reduction compound, including:

  • Smoke
  • Pet odors
  • Septic and sump pit odors
  • Auto, boat and RV interiors
  • Waste and refuse containers
  • Bathroom/portable restroom odor control

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