Wastewater Treatment Equipment for Businesses Worldwide

Beckart Environmental is a trusted source for wastewater treatment equipment. Since our founding in 1978, we have served businesses in markets such as corrugation, granite, and food processing by providing custom treatment systems for each company’s unique needs. Whether you want to upgrade specific components of your existing treatment system or implement a new system from scratch, you can rely on Beckart Environmental.

We offer a comprehensive range of wastewater treatment equipment, which includes clarifier tanks, mixing/equalization tanks, DAF system equipment, water washers, and filter presses. Plus, because we manufacture most of our equipment in-house, we are able to ensure it is of the highest quality while cutting out the middlemen to keep costs low.

We offer treatment systems for solving virtually any wastewater problems, including:

  • Heavy metal reduction
  • Oil and grease reduction
  • Fluoride phenols
  • BOD/COD reduction
  • TSS reduction
  • VOC reduction
  • pH neutralization
  • Surcharge reduction
  • And more

Automation & Monitoring

One quality that sets us apart from other wastewater treatment suppliers is our emphasis on automation. Our industrial wastewater treatment systems that are equipped with programmable logic controllers can complete most functions without requiring users to make operational decisions or perform labor. Operators can simply review the system’s status on an LED-illuminated diagram, and control the system using specialized software. Ethernet connections allow for remote access to the program to view system status, alarms, or make adjustments as needed.

To learn more about our industrial wastewater treatment equipment or the other products that we offer, contact Beckart Environmental today. As a full-service wastewater treatment supplier, we can also provide treatment chemicals and support services such as treatability studies, equipment installations, training, and remote system monitoring. With a presence on five continents, we proudly serve businesses around the globe.