Beckart Environmental – Your Full Service Water Treatment Contractor

Beckart Environmental is an international water treatment contractor that has been serving industrial and municipal clients since 1978. As a full-service wastewater contractor, we’re capable of providing all of the equipment, chemicals, and after-market services necessary for your company’s water treatment operations.

No matter what you need from your water treatment contractor, you can count on Beckart to work it into your contract. We offer:

  • High-performance water treatment tanks and filters, including primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment systems. We make our IAF/DAF systems, filter presses, water washers, lamella clarifier tanks, and continuous sedimentation systems here in house, allowing us to ensure exceptional quality and pricing for all of the equipment we commission.
  • Wastewater treatment chemicals, including filter aids, coagulants, polymers, acid/alkali products, and odor control products. We also have an expert team of staff chemists, who can devise a custom chemical blend for your worksite’s specific needs.
  • Installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting services, so that you’ll know that your equipment is properly integrated into your system and functioning at optimum levels at all times.
  • Employee training services, treatability studies, permitting assistance, project management services, and other comprehensive wastewater contracting services that can provide you with a streamlined, cost-effective experience.

Industries Served

We have extensive experience serving a wide range of industries, helping businesses from recycling and stone fabricating to machining and metalworking. What’s more, we have representatives on five continents and distribution centers throughout the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Chile. No matter where your worksite or municipal treatment facility is located, there’s a Beckart team that can provide you with the services you need.

For more information about hiring Beckart Environmental as your water treatment contractor, contact us today.