Water Washers Explained

Many businesses must treat the wastewater generated in their facilities before reusing it or discharging it into their local sewer system. Among the wastewater treatment equipment they have to choose from, water washers may stand out as sensible choice. These units excel at addressing fats, oils, grease, metals, and other contaminants found in wastewater. And, since they are relatively compact, self-contained machines, water washers are very convenient to use in buildings where free space is in short supply.

Water Washer Technology from Beckart Environmental

Beckart Environmental is a full-service wastewater equipment manufacturer that has been providing businesses with the finest wastewater treatment solutions since our founding in 1978. Our comprehensive selection of wastewater equipment includes water washers built in accordance with the highest manufacturing standards. When you reach out to us regarding your need for wastewater treatment equipment, we can help you identify your needs and determine how you can benefit from using a water washer in your facility. And, as part of our focus on meeting all of the needs of our customers, we can also provide any support services you require. From performing treatability studies to helping you obtain the proper permitting and installing your equipment, we can manage your acquisition project from beginning to end, making the entire experience easy for you.

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