Advanced Wastewater Filtration Systems

Beckart approaches wastewater filtration with decades of experience in using combinations of equipment and technology to achieve optimal quality of water for reuse or discharge.

As full-line equipment manufacturers and chemical suppliers, we design for easy component expandability and are at the forefront the leading trend toward utilizing “systems-of-systems,” when appropriate, to overcome the toughest wastewater challenges. For example, depending on waste stream composition and concentration, the use of a settling clarifier with polymer addition ahead of a filter press may be an option to minimize overall labor and downtime. This combination takes the load off the filter press to allow it to consistently produce 1-2 micron water for an extended period of time.

HMI Plate Washdown

In tandem with design efficiencies, we focus on automating as much as possible so our systems can run with minimal operator intervention.  Some of the latest examples of Beckart innovations in that area include the industry’s premier electronic operator control platform,  fully-automatic plate washdown systems for our Hy-Pack® filter presses, and more.

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