Coagulants for Optimal Wastewater Treatment from Beckart Environmental

chemicals_bCoagulants are a key component for any wastewater treatment program that handles suspend solids, as they consolidate those particles for easy and thorough removal. But, if you aren’t using the right type or amount of coagulants you could be wasting money on chemicals, non-compliance fees, and surcharges that are higher than they need to be because your system isn’t running efficiently. That’s where Beckart Environmental can help. We offer a complete line of chemical wastewater treatment products, including coagulants, and we have a highly trained staff of technicians that can assess what type and quantity of coagulant best serves your needs. We have decades of experience optimizing chemical treatment plans for many industries including metal finishing, machining, painting & coating, printing & corrugated, granite processing, stone fabrication, food processing, and more. Over the years we’ve used that experience to create a high quality line of proprietary coagulant blends that are formulated to be both affordable and low sludge producing, Beckart Blends.

We also carry a wide range of pure coagulants that are effective, efficient, and offer a high level of turbidity removal, including:

Other Treatment Chemicals

In addition to these coagulants, we carry polymers, filter aids, acids and alkalis, and other chemicals you may need for effective wastewater treatment. We can also create a complete wastewater treatment system for your facility using durable, well-design components and our extensive knowledge and experience.

To order coagulants for your system, or to learn more about our optimized chemistry or our custom built systems, contact us today.