Flexo-Clean is a super concentrated and effective industrial cleaner. This product is especially effective cleaning flexo, letter- press, offset inks and related water-based coatings, and filter cloth found in the industry. Flexo-Clean removes well grease, oil, adhesives, tar, and food-related soils. The cleaner is safe on most materials, paint finishes, and plastics, and is engineered to effectively remove soils while maintaining quality of the waste stream.

Typical Properties:

Working Solution for Light Soil (1:55)
Flashpoint: > 93°C (200° F) > 93°C (200° F)
Foaming: Moderate Low
Specific Gravity: 14 12.5
pH: 1.13 (9.42 lbs/gallon) 1.003 (8.36 lbs/gallon)
Appearance: Dark blue Light blue



Packaging and Handling:
Flexo-Clean should be handled in accordance with the Material Safety Data Sheet and applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

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