Wastewater Treatment Polymers for Municipal & Industrial Applications

Wastewater Treatment Polymers

Polymers are commonly used in wastewater treatment to initiate the flocculation of solid waste so that it can be separated from water in a relatively easy manner. While wastewater treatment polymers certainly can make processes more efficient in this way, the misuse of these chemicals can damage equipment, waste money, increase energy usage, and result in non-compliance fees.

To ensure that their chemical programs are as successful as possible, organizations can look to Beckart Environmental for wastewater treatment polymers and expert support. We offer a variety of cationic and anionic polymer products, including our anionic polymer B40, which is useful for clarification, thickening, and dewatering. And, having served a broad array of industries over the years — ranging from painting to corrugated manufacturing, granite processing, metal finishing, stone fabrication, and food processing — our team certainly has the in-depth knowledge required to recommend a custom-tailored chemical program for your organization’s specific requirements.

Benefit from a Single-Source Solution

Whatever chemical-related needs you may have, Beckart Environmental can address them. In addition to wastewater treatment polymers, our selection includes acids, alkalis, filter aids, and sludge conditioners. Many of these chemicals are available in drum, tote, and bulk quantities, enabling you to obtain an amount that makes sense for the volume of wastewater you treat. As a well-known and trusted equipment manufacturer, we can also supply any new technology you require for your chemical treatment operations, including mixing tanks, chemical feed systems, and human-machine interface (HMI) systems.

Contact Beckart Environmental today to learn more about our wastewater treatment polymers and the other proven solutions we offer for your operations.