Pre-Owned Equipment

Pre-owned filter presses.

Previously owned filter presses in line for refurbishment in a corner of our Kenosha, Wisconsin headquarters.

Beckart offers a program for pre-owned wastewater treatment system components that may be of interest to owners and prospective owners of this equipment, primarily filter presses.

All equipment accepted for purchase or trade is inspected, refurbished and tested to meet Beckart’s commitment to years of reliable service when it is returned to the field. Because we design, engineer, build and stock component parts all in-house, our pre-owned presses can be reconditioned to customer requirements and specs, often with component parts that are a significant update over the original manufactured unit.

Additionally, Beckart pre-owned equipment is backed by our regional network of comprehensive technical support. Contact us for information  on our current pre-owned inventory or further information on the program.

  • Frames are newly restored and refinished, as needed.
  • Equipment components are repaired or replaced for optimal performance.
  • Mechanical parts are updated as required (e.g., automatic plate shifters).
  • Control panels and system electronics are updated and programmed with latest generation technology.


Refurbished Filter Press

Reconditioned and Ready to Ship

A refurbished Beckart Filter Press looks practically new, and operationally, it is new. With each press, we completely replace all hydraulics, electronics, instrumentation and optimize all critical components for reliable performance. Frames are completely refinished in our paint shop.