Stone Wastewater Treatment Systems from Beckart Environmental

Stone Wastewater Treatment

As a fabricator, you likely use water for many key processes, including cutting and polishing stone. Your reliance on water presents numerous challenges, however, one of the most significant being the rising cost of water. And, in the event that wastewater is ever improperly disposed of, non-compliance charges can be steep. If you’re searching for a more cost-effective method for sourcing your process water and avoiding costly fees, then you’ve come to the right place. Beckart Environmental is highly experienced at working with businesses in the fabrication industry and can certainly create the ideal stone wastewater treatment system for your company’s unique requirements.

Save Money by Treating and Recycling Your Wastewater In-House

Are you wondering what the best method is for avoiding costly fees related to discharging stone wastewater into a public sewage system? The answer is to not discharge the water at all. With one of Beckart Environmental’s zero-discharge wastewater treatment systems, you can collect, clean, and reuse all of the wastewater your stone fabrication processes produce. Your new stone wastewater treatment system will include all of the components needed to effectively separate the solid waste in your wastewater from the water that you can reuse.

One crucial element of our stone wastewater treatment systems is our innovative Hy-Pack® filter presses, which provide an effective means of dewatering sludge. Waste goes into the equipment as liquid sludge and then can be removed as dry, compacted filter cake that meets all landfill requirements, making disposal far easier than it would otherwise be. Due to decreased water costs and non-compliance fees, many of our customers that adopt these stone wastewater treatment systems report saving thousands of dollars every month.

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Waste Water Plate Sizes
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Stone Work Waste Water Treatment

Actual samples before and after processing with a Beckart system
at an East Coast stone fabricating facility.

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Hy-Pack® Filter Presses are available in five sizes to suit your needs. Your Beckart sales engineer will work with you to determine the best size to meet your current and future requirements.
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