A Wastewater Treatment Company for Machining and Metalworking Facilities – Beckart Environmental

machining_metalworking_imagEvery machine shop supervisor needs a wastewater treatment company that truly understands the compliance issues he or she is dealing with. Without one, some of the many pollutants produced during the metalworking process could remain untreated in the shop’s wastewater, resulting in large non-compliance fees. Choosing Beckart Environmental as your wastewater treatment company ensures that you’ll never find yourself in that situation. We’ve worked with companies in the machining and metalworking industry for decades and we understand how high the stakes are and exactly what processes are needed to keep them in compliance. Using this knowledge and experience, we design and fabricate highly effective wastewater treatment systems that remove or manage oil and grease, TSS, heavy metals, BOD, COD, and other contaminants that result from metalworking.

These systems are ideal for applications such as:

  • Vibratory & deburring wastewater treatment
  • Diecasting wastewater
  • Wire drawing
  • Machine coolants emulsion breaking
  • Cutting oil removal
  • More

We’ll visit your facility to determine which pollutant issues you need addressed and design your system to resolve those specific problems. Additionally, we’ll create it to work seamlessly with your existing machinery so you don’t have to disturb your existing systems to incorporate industrial wastewater treatment.  Once we’ve installed this new system, we’ll teach your employees how to use it, and we can even provide regular maintenance and optimized chemicals to keep it running efficiently for years.

If you’d like more information about wastewater treatment company Beckart Environmental, contact us today. We’re happy to serve industrial customers nationwide.

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