Metal Wastewater Management Systems from Manufacturer Beckart Environmental

metal_finishingMetal wastewater can be especially challenging to manage given its concentration of pollutants. Most of those need to be removed before wastewater can be discharged into the public waste stream. Fortunately, Beckart Environmental has designed a variety of components and systems that can keep you in compliance with wastewater regulations and free of costly non-compliance fees. The technology we’ve developed is perfectly suited for a wide variety of waste streams throughout the metal finishing industry, including those resulting from captive plating, phosphatizing, anodizing, chrome conversion, parts washers, vibratory deburring, E-coat, and more. We manufacture the critical components (slant plate clarifier, filter press, automated control panel, custom PLC programming, etc.)in house and back our systems up with regional factory support.

Both our zero discharge wastewater treatment systems and those that prepare metal wastewater for release into the public waste stream can single handedly provide a wide variety of wastewater solutions, including:

  • Heavy metal removal
  • Chromium reduction
  • Cyanide destruction
  • pH control
  • BOD management
  • COD management
  • TSS management
  • More

Customization & Integration

All of our systems for metal wastewater management are custom designed for each client, so they address specific needs without wasting time and energy on unnecessary processes. Our integrated staff of engineers and project coordinators will work closely with you to  smoothly integrate with your existing industrial waste water treatment equipment.

If you’d like more information about treating metal wastewater with zero discharge system or another product from Beckart Environmental, contact us today.


Download a case history on wastewater treatment in the metal finishing industry.