Waste Water Management for the Printing and Packing / Corrugated Markets

With heavy duty byproducts like starch and metals, waste water management in the printing and corrugated industries can be difficult. And, failing to do it well can lead to costly non-compliance fees. That’s why you should let Beckart help. We’ve solved treatment issues for these industries almost as long as we’ve been around, so we’re familiar with the challenges and regulations. Using that knowledge and experience, we’ve developed a highly effective, closed-loop wastewater treatment system that cleans your wastewater and allows you to use it in production again and again. Because it’s never discharged, you’ll stay in compliance, and because you are recycling it you’ll save money on your water bill. In fact, many of our customers have received awards in their industries and communities thanks to our systems helping them stay environmentally proactive.

In addition to providing excellence in compliance, our systems thoroughly treat your wastewater – removing even the heavy copper content used to achieve deep blues and greens in flexographic facilities – so it never compromises the quality of your products.

Our treatment systems can remove or reduce:

  • TSS
  • COD
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Molybedenum
  • Silver
  • Barium
  • Insoluble BOD
  • More

This thoroughness makes these waste water management systems are ideal for operations making paperboard and corrugated products, and for those that use adhesives and starches. No matter where you fit in the printing or corrugated markets, we can design a system that handles your needs. Beyond that, we can teach your workers how to use the system properly, supply you with the appropriate chemicals, and we return to your plant for maintenance to keep it running properly.

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Download a case history on wastewater treatment in the packaging industry. (561 kB)

Download a case history on wastewater treatment in the flexographic printing industry. (125 kB)