Continuous Sedimentation Clarifiers for Industrial & Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Continuous SedimentationThroughout history, sedimentation has been used as an effective means of separating contaminants from water. This process allows waste to settle out of a mixture so it can easily be gathered and sent for disposal. Businesses use sedimentation to treat wastewater generated by a diverse array of processes, including wire manufacturing, metal finishing, plating, and phosphatizing. Beckart Environmental has supplied continuous sedimentation equipment to many of these organizations since our founding in 1978, providing them with top-caliber technology that’s extensively customized for their specific needs. Businesses seek out our continuous sedimentation tanks because they know we manufacture a high percentage of our components in-house using heavy-duty parts that ensure lasting performance. Our customers also appreciate how we offer a comprehensive selection of other wastewater treatment equipment, ensuring that we can supply a variety of compatible technology as part of one convenient order.

Chemical Supplies for Sedimentation Systems

Treatment chemicals are commonly used to aid in the sedimentation process, and Beckart Environmental offers a comprehensive selection of chemical solutions for customers to choose from. Our inventory includes many different coagulants, flocculants, acids, and alkalis, as well as filter aids and sludge conditioners. We can provide you with widely used commodity chemicals or customized blends formulated through our in-house laboratory. You can decide to purchase these chemicals in drum, tote, or bulk quantities – whatever amount makes the most sense for your operations.

System Setup and Ongoing Support

If you’re adding a new continuous sedimentation system to your facility, then you can likely use some professional assistance in the process. Our experienced team is ready to provide whatever support you require, whether that means installing your equipment, teaching your employees how to use it, or performing maintenance on it years in the future. We have in-depth knowledge of these systems and are eager to help you in any way you require so that you can treat your wastewater in the most effective manner possible.

To learn more about our continuous sedimentation clarifiers – or the many other wastewater treatment solutions we offer to customers around the globe – contact Beckart Environmental today and schedule a free consultation.


Continuous Sedimentation