Dissolved Air Flotation & Induced Air Flotation Systems Manufacturer for Thorough Removal of Floating Contaminants and More

beavertonDissolved air flotation & induced air flotation systems are used to treat wastewater that contains free-floating or emulsified oils, dissolved heavy metals, soaps, surfactants, and many other waste streams. At Beckart Environmental we understand that thoroughly removing these contaminants can mean the difference between paying costly non-compliance fees and saving your money, so we manufacture effective dissolved air flotation and induced air flotation equipment to keep you within regulation. It’s engineered to handle flow rates of more than 5,000 gallons per day (20 m3 per day), making them a great oil-water separator for high-volume facilities. Additionally, each air flotation system Beckart sells is individually designed to meet the client’s needs. But what really sets Beckart apart in the dissolved air flotation industry is that we provide optimized chemistry and expert training, both of which are crucial for an induced or dissolved air flotation system to work well.  If the chemicals used are not appropriately, or the operator doesn’t properly observe and respond to the surface chemistry of an IAF / DAF system, then its effectiveness can be significantly reduced. That could require you to use more chemicals or pay non-compliance fees, but unnecessary expenses.

Other Wastewater Treatment Solutions

In addition to our commitment to treatment success, Beckart also provides you with a full line of products for state-of-the art wastewater treatment including:

  • Filter presses
  • Clarifiers
  • Chemical feed systems
  • More

Many of these components, including some used in our dissolved air flotation and induced air flotation systems, are designed and manufactured in house, which reduces the cost of your system. And those savings will continue into the future when you no longer have to pay non-compliance fees thanks to your effective aeration wastewater treatment system.

If you’d like more information about our dissolved air flotation and induced air flotation  systems or any of our other products, contact us today. We’ll be happy to come out to your facility to determine which of our products will best meet your wastewater challenges.

Beckart offers dishbottom (or hopper bottom) tanks and clarifiers for thorough draining and ease of cleaning.