Batch Filter Presses for Efficient and Effective Dewatering

Batch Filter PressBatch filter presses are known industry wide for their thoroughness in dewatering wastewater with high solids content. Unlike funnel, vacuum, and belt filter presses, these are designed to apply high pressure directly to the slurry in between the press plates, expelling nearly every bit of liquid. What remains is a solid, compact, sludge cake ready for the landfill, and water that’s fit for reuse or expulsion into the sewer after filtering. A batch filter press is ideal for industries that use ink, paint, starch or plating solutions, including those in the metal finishing and printing/corrugated businesses. And when you buy one of Beckart’s batch filter presses, you’re ensuring that you get the very best performance possible.

Our presses – each with a capacity of 400 – 10,000+ gallons per batch (1.6 m³ – 37 + m³ per batch) – not only outperform other types of dewatering equipment by producing 35-50% solids in the filter cake, but they are also come with more standard features than other batch filter presses on the market. They come standard with full automation, cold-draw steel side rails, solid hot-rolled steel head and follower plates, all-welded hydraulic cylinders, air blowdown drain system, polypropylene recessed filter plates rated at 100 psi, and a variety of other features you’d pay extra for with other filter press suppliers. And, Beckart can design you an entire system incorporating your wastewater filter presses, providing you the best wastewater treatment results possible.

Our other system components include:

  • Clarifiers
  • Treatment tanks
  • Chemical feed systems
  • Automation upgrades
  • More

Chemical Solutions

And as your filter press manufacturer we also provide all of our clients with optimized chemistry. This means we’ll test your wastewater and supply you with the right type and blend of coagulants, polymers, pH aids, sludge conditioners and more to keep your system running at peak efficiency and to treat your wastewater thoroughly. The ultimate result is eliminated or significantly reduced non-compliance fees for your company.

If you’d like to learn more about our batch filter presses and other products, including zero discharge systems for stone fabrication companies, odor control systems for food processors, and more, contact us today. We have representatives across the globe ready to manage your wastewater treatment challenges.